Wednesday, August 12, 2020

John Wohlfeil


For visual astronomy I use my 9.25″ SCT and lately I’ve been focused on photography. I’ve just gotten a 50mm finder scope converted
into into a guide scope with my DSI (look for the article under How-To’s), and I started guiding last time out. With my
CG-5 I can regularly get 30-60 sec. and I hope to extend that to 180 sec. with improved polar alignment and guiding with
Stark Labs PHD.

I use these tools regularly, please feel free to ask questions about experiences, technical issues and real world challenges.
Join us on our next astronomy camping trip!


Celestron CGEM • Celestron 9.25″ • Celestron 80ED • Shoestring Astronomy GPUSB, DSUSB


14mm Pentax • 20mm Pentax • 27mm Panoptic • 40mm Swan


Nikon D3s • Nikon D800 • DSI CCD • Manfrotto 190X PROB Tripod

Computer Software

Apple MacBook Pro • Adobe Photoshop • Stark Labs PHD • DSLR Shutter • Stark Labs Nebulosity • Starry Night Pro • Astro Planner


New Images