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Casper Park Outreach April 18, 2009

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M57 Ring Nebula
M57 Ring Nebula

Saturday night we did an outreach for a couple of Girl Scout troops at Caspers Park in Orange County, CA. The girls were excited to view, but we had to explain it needed to get dark before we could show them anything exciting. Most volunteers were still setting up when lines began to form in front of their scopes.

There were probably about 30 or so troop members, with seven scopes showing. We did have better results once the campfire function was over and a group of about 60 or so kids and parents came over for viewing. Saturn, the Orion Nebula, the Eskimo Nebula, and M37 the Salt ‘n Pepper Cluster were some of the items shown on Saturday. A highlight of the night came when the volunteers were allowed to pick out their very own box of Girl Scout cookies from a shopping bag!
We were impressed by how dark the sky was for being so close to the city.
Casper Park  would be a great place to go camping with the family locally while being able to snap some shots of brighter deep sky objects. The usable areas of the sky were the zenith, East, Northeast and South. Omega Centauri also poped up and we all scrambled to get a shot of it despite it being so low to the horizon.
Keith, Harvey, myself and another imager stayed after the outreach and tested out equipment. Harvey managed to get his autoguiding going with his newly made finder/guidescope setup.
Here’s a shot of M57 the Ring Nebula. This was taken with my 6″ reflector (5 X 2minutes, 3 X 1 minute, and 1 dark at ISO 400).

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