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MBS Astronomy Labratory

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While out at the Riverside Astronomical Society’s site on Saturday there were a couple of questions that came up:

  1. Does temperature effect my webcam guidescope setup?
  2. Can I use a shorter guidescope so I don’t have to lay in the ground?
  3. Can I mount my 8X50 finderscope on my guidescope?
  4. Does the AC power adapter reduce amp glow?
  5. Align scope at night, then put into hybernation and place back in garage, without moving OTA. Come out another night and place scope in exact same spot and test go to’s.
  6. Modify the step times in the advanced menu of PHD.-adjust according to different guide tubes.

These questions will now be addressed in the fuadramsey labratory. The new lab will be conducting these and many more experiments in the near future.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Jamie says:

    Also find out if NexRemote will keep working if the cable becomes unplugged. Since the alignment is done with a computer instead of the handcontroller. I have to break the connection sometimes when I am guiding.

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